Loose Diamond Collection


Adorning her with an ethereal collection to grace her charm, to stir the magnificence of her inner being captivating many hearts, fulfilling her every need to add to her charm, SKSM DIA JEWELS LIMITED brings to the woman of the world, three spellbinding collections enhancing her intrinsic beauty while creating images of absolute perfection. These are the premium LUXURIA Collection, followed by the ASTRA Collection and the FLORA Collection. For the debonair man, reflecting his hypnotic charm, confidence, sophistication, generous and chivalrous spirit, SKSM presents an inspiring and exuberant collection of rings and accessories, complementing his robust and dynamic aura and vibrant personality.

In a world of constant change, there is only one constant; this constant is Change: and change is the predominant key factor in the constantly changing world of fashion and Jewelry. SKSM embodies the very essence of this universe of fashion, which never goes out of style. SKSM is that solitaire among diamonds, that diamond among jewels! You know your power. You sense your vision. You have already accomplished enough. You can test the magnificence of this SKSM Divine vision in society. You can play it safe. You can stay aware of your strength, living in your comfort zone, or you can cast your dreams to the world. SKSM contributes and celebrates in your Success. SKSM and its C³ Diamonds and Jewelry, being symbols of good luck and eternal healing bringing good fortune and happiness to its wearer, are a proven power in your prosperity.